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And so we are back...

As some of you may already know, my political thriller Dead Lies will premiere at The Queen’s Theatre, Barnstaple, on April 14th prior to an 11-week-national tour.

Murder and mayhem, sex and scandal, at a theatre near you!

The Yvonne Arnaud, Guildford, (June 7-11) remains the venue closest to London.

See link below for today’s What’s On Stage cast announcement. Go to for the full list of dates and venues and to book tickets.

Also see Loose Women tomorrow, when Miss Barrie and I will be talking about our life together, but may just sneak in a mention of Dead Lies, Dead Lies, Dead Lies…

It’s been a rocky ride since Covid forced the postponement of the first planned tour last Autumn. Indeed it’s been, and still is, the toughest of times for the entire theatrical profession.

But we’re going out there. And big thanks are due to my producers Red Entertainment, director Joe Harmston, and all concerned for their commitment and dogged determination.

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