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As the 21st Century hits 21 - so do I.

Today I celebrate my 21st!

Actually publication of my 21st book, Cry Darkness. So perhaps there is just a chance that I will come of age at last…

As this pretty awful year draws to a close, Cry Darkness will begin its journey out into the world. It has already taken me into new territory.

I travelled to New York and to Princeton University to research an extreme branch of scientific endeavour which seems almost to verge on fantasy, but has brought staggering results. At Princeton a group of dedicated scientists lead others world-wide in the Global Consciousness Project, a study of the secret of human consciousness. Laboratory controlled experiments have indicated repeatedly that it is possible for the human mind to predict events of global significance, like 9/11, the death of Princess Diana, and the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004.

These scientists believe that if the power of consciousness could be channelled and controlled the human race would have within its grasp a force of infinite magnitude quite beyond present comprehension.

At Princeton they dream of bringing peace and unity to the world, and hope that their work might even be a force in helping to save our beleaguered planet. But there is also the prospect of a source of energy which would make nuclear fusion seem out of the dark ages.

Cry Darkness explores what might just happen if evil forces sought to interfere and perhaps take control. And my new scientist heroine Sandy Jones finds herself not only fighting to save her own skin and the lives of old friends, but also, just possibly, to save the world from unimaginable horror.

I am thrilled be able to publish Cry Darkness, and I wish it God speed today. But, like all of us right now, I wish more than anything for a better and more normal 2021.


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