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Blog, October 12th 2019

And so October grows even more extraordinary!

Have only just learned that I have three publications this month. Nobody told me…

As well as Deadly Dance, already out in paperback, and my brand new hardback, Dreams of Fear, out on Oct 31st, Severn House are publishing a third book, Wheel of Fire, in large format paperback, also on Oct 31st.

I would say I hope to bring a little light relief to Brexit Day - but in view of the content of my books, maybe not. They’re pretty scary too!

Had fun this week on Talk Radio’s Matthew Wright Show (see link on this site) teaming up with Matthew and Kevin O’Sullivan - three old Fleet Street showbiz hacks together.

Chatted about Deadly Dance and my early days on The Sun, when its ramshackle old Bouverie Street building shook as the presses began to roll, mice ran free in the canteen, and there were rats lurking in dark corners - both the four and two legged sorts…

Also had some very exciting news - booked to appear on the Lorraine ITV morning show on Thursday November 13th. Wow!

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