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Self Isolation in the Barrie-Bonner Household

Whilst the world is in virtual lockdown, Amanda and I have been trying to keep busy at home in Somerset.

The Mirror newspaper spoke to Amanda about life 'stuck in' and how we are coping with this new reality. Amanda put things in perspective:

"All the trivial normalities of my life, like everybody else’s, have suddenly disappeared.

Surely nothing in history has ever moved as fast or disrupted lives so swiftly as the coronavirus.

I’m an old chorus girl and a wartime babe. My childhood memories include being buried in an avalanche of black-market tinned peas while sheltering from bombs under the cellar stairs.

Nothing, nothing, comes close to this."

You can read her account of our new social distancing life here:

Can I also just say thanks to all that have been in contact over the past few turbulent weeks, and Amanda, Coco and I wish everyone well. We'll be back to normality very soon I'm sure.

Take care all x

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