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Some Good News From 'Lockdown'

My first play, Dead Lies, is now scheduled to tour the UK, starting in September 2021.

Covid permitting. Eek!

Rather to my surprise Red Entertainment presented me with a formal contract at the height of lockdown. I am thrilled of course, but have been almost afraid to mention it in these troubled times.

I have also just signed a contract for a new David Vogel mystery, The Danger Within, which will be published next year.

And Cry Darkness, my first stand-alone in a Long time, is out this December. It features a brand new heroine, TV boffin Sandy Cole, and is a rollicking trans-Atlantic thriller set against a backdrop of one of the most bizarre and extreme areas of science.

So life, and work have continued for me through lockdown.

I’ve been lucky. So far.

But like everyone, I think, whilst still fearing for the immediate future, I am just hoping for a brighter and more normal 2021. And, indeed, a better end to this so very difficult year.


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